Woodpeckers are a dynamic group of virtuoso recorder players who share a common interest in performing and promoting both very old and very new music for their instrument. Their aim is to present the recorder as an important concert instrument of our times. At the forefront of Woodpeckers’ ideology is the drive to kick the age-old image of the recorder being merely a stepping-stone to something else, and they are intent on spreading their knowledge far and wide, be it through videos, recordings, workshops, teaching, research, and of course, live concerts.

Debut Album 2023 with LAWO Classics


Woodpeckers Recorder Quartet is generously funded by: 

William Demant Fonden, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, Kiruna Kommun, Region Norrbotten, Statens Kunstfond, Solistforeningen af 1921, Kulturdirektoratet and Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet)




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Woodpeckers Recorder Quartet

Woodpeckers Recorder Quartet

We are Woodpeckers! Here to spread the word about how great the recorder is and to keep you updated.
We are
Kate Hearne from Ireland
Caroline Eidsten Dahl from Norway
Katarina Widell from Sweden
Pernille Petersen from Denmark

We hope you have a great summer! ☀️ Woodpeckers play 2nd movement – Largo from Vivaldi’s concerto RV 443 – in arrangement for 4 recorders by the brilliant Bertho Driever 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 This is recorded in the gorgeous historical theatre Fredrikshald, Halden, Norway 🇳🇴Btw – stay tuned for the release date of our next concert! 🥳 Alto 1 solo part Pernille PetersenAlto 2 Caroline Eidsten Dahl Tenor Kate Hearne Bass Katarina Widell See MoreSee Less
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Thanks to german Windkanal for an awesome magazine and mentioning of our album "Borrowed, not Stolen…" The review says ‘Ensemblekultur der Luxusklasse’ – we couldn’t agree more; playing together feels like an absolute privilege ❤️🎉🎵#borrowednotstolen#recorderplayer #recorderplayersofinstagram #baroquemusic #folkmusic See MoreSee Less
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🇸🇪 Grattis Sverige 🇸🇪 6th of JuneToday we celebrate the National day of Sweden to honor that Gustav Vasa was elected King June 6th 1523. We are playing "Den blomstertid nu kommer". ("The time of blossom now approaches") A well known Swedish hymn from the 17th century. I (Katarina from Sweden) used to sing this tune on every school graduation when I was a child so it really brings back memories and a wonderful sense of nostalgia 🥰Four recorder players from four different countries. Katarina 🇸🇪, Caroline 🇳🇴, Kate 🇮🇪 and Pernille 🇩🇰 See MoreSee Less
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🇩🇰🎊Tillykke Danmark!🇩🇰🎊 Today is Constitution Day in Denmark, and we celebrate it by playing a song called "Danmark, nu blunder den lyse nat". The song captures the essence of the Danish summer with it’s wonderful bright nights, ocean swims, sunshine☀️, and 🌦summer showers. 🇩🇰🎊Congratulations, Denmark!🇩🇰🎊 We are four recorder players from different countries. This spring we’ve celebrated Ireland🇮🇪 (Kate), Norway🇧🇻 (Caroline), and today Denmark🇩🇰 (Pernille). Stay tuned – tomorrow is Sweden’s National Day 🇸🇪(Katarina). See MoreSee Less
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Today is Blåsmusikens dag in Sweden, a day where everything and everyone connected to the world of wind music are celebrated, through performances, meetings and digital presence 🥳🤩🎶 We are proud to represent the recorder world! Earlier this year we were lucky enough to get a private tour of the historic Fredrikshalds teater, in Norway’s Halden. Built in 1838 it boasts over 100 original stage sets, inlcuding the backdrop for today’s video of Bach’s Contrapunctus 9 from Die Kunst der Fuge. Caroline Eidsten DahlKatarina WidellPernille PetersenKate HearneHear more on Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/2Eb4BZzExhkA0Gi1aHE8C3?si=Iu9v2knqS3y4S_HfyVQu-gor on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/@WoodpeckersQuartet#blåsmusikensdag#recorder#recorderplayersofinstagram#blockflöjt#halden#fredrikshaldsteater See MoreSee Less
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